The Beauty of Dunkirk.

I think Christopher Nolan is on pace to be the greatest director of all time.* There isn't a Nolan film out there that I don't love. The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Interstellar, Memento, and Inception are all favorites. I had huge expectations heading into Dunkirk. It didn't disappoint. 

The music, cinematography, and setting were beautiful. Nolan weaved different story arcs together seamlessly. But what really impressed me with Dunkirk was it's ability to create so much depth in their protagonists with such little dialogue. Their character was defined by their actions.

Nolan showed that even in one of the darkest moments of human history, the goodness of mankind can outshine the darkness through acts of selfless, sacrificial love. The commander. The pilot. The common soldier. The civilian(s) with a boat. They all embodied Goethe's quote: “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”

When Seneca was writing letters to his younger friend Lucilius, he advised him, “Choose as a guide one whom you will admire more when you see him act than when you hear him speak.” Dunkirk offers us many guides for what bravery, kindness, loyalty, and grit look like in action.

In a world full of personal branding, look for those who are getting it done. "Waste no more time arguing about what a virtuous man should be. Be one." -Marcus Aurelius




*Spielberg's resume is longer, and some may prefer Hitchcock, Kubrick, Tarantino, Burton, etc. I love all of those guys, and ninety percent of my top 20 films are filled up by these directors. (Exceptions- The Matrix by the Wachowskis and The Two Towers by Peter Jackson.)