If you haven’t already heard, I am stepping down from my role as Associate Pastor at Area 10 at the end of this year. We aren’t sure what’s next for us. This was a hard decision, and we are grieving moving on from a great community of people that we’ve done life with for the past seven years. But after seeking out much counsel from trusted friends, career coaches, counselors, and seasoned ministers, we feel confident that making this decision is the necessary one to insure long-term success in our ministry.

Our plan is to take a short season to rest, reflect, and discern what God has for us next. One of the primary considerations in such a decision is obviously the financial implications this will have on our family. Many friends have reached out asking how they can help and support us while we navigate this season, so I wanted to put together a few options for anyone interested. I’m wanting to spend this next stretch working on projects that not only bring me life (and structure and direction), but also bring life to others. Please reach out to me at if you have any questions. I’d be happy to meet up and talk as well.


One thing I’m wanting to do during this time of transition is finish up a book I’ve been working on about the cultivation of Christian character. I plan to take these concepts into the next season of ministry as a model for spiritual formation in helping people develop lives that are fully alive in Christ. If you want to support this endeavor, you can click on the button below. This content subscription idea was inspired by the Patreon model. If you subscribe to the Content, I’ll email you chapters of the book ahead of time, send out original music, and write blog posts exclusively for subscribers where I’m happy to answer any questions you have around faith, life, church, etc.


Over the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time developing pastoral counseling skills through training at The Barnabas Center, going through The Revenant Process, and currently pursuing training at Larry Crabb’s School of Spiritual Direction. One of my favorite parts of my job was meeting with people, hearing how God was at work in their lives, and helping them process and navigate things that needed to change as they pursued wholeness in Christ. I’d love to offer a monthly spiritual direction conversation for any who are interested. I love the term Eugene Peterson uses for this type of work- “Soul Craft.” If you live in the Richmond area, we can meet face to face. If outside of the area, we can connect via Zoom video conference. Anyone who subscribes to this option would also have the Content Subscription above included. (And if you’d want to meet more than once a month, we could discuss that option too.)


Lastly, if you want to give a one-time or recurring donation, you can click on the button below. We are looking at this next season as a bridge for what’s next, and we are wanting to take time to make a wise decision for the long haul. The longest I see that happening is six months. During this time, I’ll be looking and applying for jobs, pursuing some personal counseling, spending time in rest and reflection, and working on some of these creative projects. Know that we are so grateful and humbled that you’d consider supporting us in this way. Once again, if you have any questions about any of these options or what’s going on in our lives, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thanks!