Thou My Soul's Glory

A little over a dozen years ago, me and a friend, Uriah Oxford, started a church in Shreveport, Louisiana, called Christ Fellowship. It blossomed into a really sweet, sincere, and beautiful community.

During my time at Christ Fellowship, our band recorded several albums, one of which is this album full of hymns, Thou My Soul's Glory. I've always had an attachment to hymns, this idea that we could be singing words and melodies that generations before us also worshipped to. Songs that have the power to last for decades and centuries must have something special to them, not only a compelling melody but also a timeless truth. I hope you resonate with them as well. Let me know what you think!

Special thanks to my dear friends who contributed to this album. Justin Steele on drums and percussion. Jeremiah Raab on harmonies as well as leading "Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus." Kayleigh Plette on harmonies as well as leading "Fairest Lord Jesus." Adam Brasher on bass, guitar, and leading "It Is Well." Josh Guthrie on guitar. Mary Grant on strings. David Forshee and Daniel Farmer recording, mixing, and mastering. I love all of you guys!